Psalms 51:10,11,12

   Create in me a pure heart, O Lord

And renew a right spirit within me,

Cast me not away from your presence O Lord,

Take not your  Holy Spirit from me,

Restore  unto me the Joy of your Salvation,

And renew a right spirit within me!


The worst pain you can ever encounter in your life as a Christian is not having a communion with the Holy Spirit.

And that happens when you SIN.

The Holy Spirit Is God’s manifestation in our lives.

He is meant to guide us, comfort us, show us the way, lead us, intercede for us for we not know how we ought  to pray but the spirit prays for us.

So what happens when we sin?

First we need to understand a few points,

God is HOLY!




So when we sin, we grieve the Holy Spirit.

We shame Christ our Lord who is our Savior.

We crucify Him again and again through sin..

And so God turns His face away from us.

And that’s the worst pain you can ever feel..

Not having communication with God in your life.

Thats the worst pain!

You can never want to experience even a second without the cover of the Holy Spirit!

The Holy Spirit shows us the way.

The Holy Spirit leads us everyday.

The Holy Spirit should be guarded with every breath we can take.

For He is our mark of salvation!

We should therefore pray HARD…

Get equipped with the full Armour of God..







For we fight not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against spiritual forces of evil In the heavenly realms



So let’s pray at all times For God to lead us not into temptation for God doesn’t Tempt us but in all temptations we face,  He provides a way out as He is Faithful..

But always rest assured that :

In all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose!

          (Roman’s 8:28)

So  we cannot continue sinning,  we are dead to sin and we do not live in it any longer.

And so we live a new life in Christ as our old selves were crucified with Him so that the body ruled by sin might be done  away with that were no longer slaves to sin,  because anyone who has died has been set free from sin!





Life has always and will forever be a fascinating journey for those who realise their real purpose for existence.

When you find out your purpose for existence, you live like the birds in the air.

You live like the sea creatures in the oceans.

They have no worries .

They fly and swim because that is their business.

That is what they were created for.
That Is why they exist.
To fly and swim and to complete God’s creation.

What about us Humans?
What is our purpose?
Why do we exist?
Why were we created ?

The greatest part of this question is that we have the answer to it.
It is revealed to us each and every single day of our lives.
Every day we wake up and are reminded to thank God for giving us another  day.

Why is this?

Because only God knows why He created us.
He’s the only one Who knows why He created us last of all other creations
Save the best for last we always say.


Why don’t we  believe this In God’s divine purpose  for creating us?
Why  don’t we purpose to follow this and communicate with God every single day to understand why we were created last?
Why we were made In His own image and likeness?
Why He chose that the Dwelling of the Holy Spirit is in our hearts and not any other part of His creation here on earth?

Only God knows why we exist,
Why we wake up each and every morning and Go to work,
We go to work by faith
Because we don’t know if we will earn a living but we believe that our efforts will bear fruits
That is why we never give up
That is why even the laziest person tries to beg for help.
Because He knows somewhere in the process He will get something.
That is faith
And by God’s sufficient Grace ,God is able to help him get something.
To add on to his faith and hope

Let’s focus that faith on God’s purpose.
Have faith and believe that every single day of your life God has a special purpose for you
God’s ways are mysterious
We Don’t see them coming
We Don’t give up however
We Trust in God’s perfect  timing.

He alone Knows what’s best for us.
And that is LIFE.
Life is living to find out God’s purpose in our lives.
Life is communicating with God every single day to find out His purpose for us.
Life is working in the Body of Christ.

And that is when we start to live.
Only when we accept Christ in our hearts.
That is when life begins.
Only then do you say that you are truly living!




The confirmations kept coming.
Day after day.
Night after night.
We were drowning in the floods of love.
We were slowly getting deeper Into the ocean of love.
We were blinded.
But the Great one saw us through.
He was happy at His great works.
We were happy too.
But we had to slow down.
We had gone too fast.
Our judgements became clouded.
Until the first conformation came.
We were stressed out.
We told ourselves it wasn’t true.
But deep inside we knew there’s a message.
I wanted it to go through.
We both did.
But we had to do something.
Second confirmation Came through.
We had two plates to ponder about.
Food for thought.
But we had to clean the plates.

Eventually it had to happen
We had to let the  plan happen.
For we don’t make our plans.
We live For His plans in our lives.
We happily obeyed.
Because we knew there was something greater coming.
We just had to be patient and trust in the perfect timing.
We are sure it will happen.
One way or another.
Through His mysterious ways.
It will happen.
We believe.
We have something to hope for.
Something to keep us on our toes.
Because we know how  His plans are amazing.
However we focus on why we live.
We both have similar destinations just different positions.
But everyone on the journey is growing. And thats what matters.
And we believe good things take time.
Patience pays we thought as we  surrendered to God’s will for our lives. He knows best. We need to Trust and fix our eyes on Him and all the rest shall be added unto us 

We are still us.
We know it’s a journey
We know there are ups and downs
We know something perfect I’s carefully planned and not rushed.
We’re seeking the eternal kingdom because we know that the earthly kingdom Is not our home.
Yes we’re foreigners living in this world.
And we use the Map of life
to be able to survive.
God bless us and shower us with Grace.


The gift of one another.

I  tried to remember the when, the  how or that moment it happened but I couldn’t really place the exact time or moment it happened.  My heart which was once cold, which was once as hard as stone, was slowly melting and I couldn’t explain it in words and had no control over what I was feeling. 

I could picture his face in my mind but I didnt want to keep a picture of him close to me because I wanted to fall in love right over again the next time I saw him.

Was it His nature?  His smile?  His manly physique? The sound of his voice as he spoke to me?  The way his eyes  looked at me when he said he loves me? The way I couldn’t get enough of the time we spent together? The way our emotions would just flow out of nowhere at once?  The sense of humor that always made me laugh? Was it the way he made a nightmare sound like  a story with a happy ending? The way he explained my heart from his own heart?   Or was it how he held my hand and told me he loved me so much?

I still can’t tell  the exact moment I fell in love with Him, but  I Thank  God I did.  He was specially created for me and to me by God. He could see the me in  him and I could see the Him in me.  

We are now us. We are stronger than we have ever been. With a great task entrusted to us by God. We are more than ready to fight the battles that lay ahead of us together. We have God to turn to for guidance. We have the Holy Spirit to show us the way. We believe that God has a plan for us.

We love each other and God loves us and that’s all that matters. No weapon that will be fashioned against us will prosper. We have the strength from God to make it through this. We are spiritual beings trying to figure out how to love the physical life. We’re following God’s commands because we believe He brought us together for a reason. We build each other everyday. We encourage each other and use every opportunity we get to love and love completely.  We live as we ask God to let His will be Done in our lives.

   We Thank God every single moment for His blessing for us.We believe we are destined for greatness.

And as he reads this. I hope he has a smile on his face and he is thinking about me. I hope it makes him smile every time he thinks of this great blessing we have.  I hope it’s his light when he feels he’s in the dark.  And knows  I will always be there for him no matter the situation. 

                       I Love you.


Life before and after being born again.

                       It  Life…
We all sit down at a point in our lives and ask ourselves

What is life?  Why do I live ? Why do I really exist? 

Most of us get this question when we hit rock bottom you know. When you go to bed at night tired and worn out and when  you look back at your day you’ve actually done nothing that’s added any value to your life.  Maybe you woke up late  for work ,passed by your usual coffee shop and someone’s spilled coffee on the shirt that you took ages to give a  neat  feel ,you went to work and found your boss lashing at other workers about a major loss in the company and you tried to slip inside in the midst of the tension and commotion but the spotlight  turned to you about how late and unkempt you arrived looking and for the next five minutes you sit down and listen to the harsh words  coming at you but you diligently listen and accept as you think about the bills you need to pay and you feel like its all worth it. And From that point your whole day changes. There’s a whole load of negativity around you and you spend the day angry as you wait to go home and and just have a piece of mind.

So you sit on your bed meditating on your day and you just wish you could erase that day from your life and completely forget about it. You start wishing you could have taken a different job somewhere else. Maybe you even wish you could have taken a different career path.

I’m not an expert  In worldly issues but I’m an expert on life and the pain that may come along.  What if I told you there was a way out? 

There’s a way you will turn your life over by giving someone whose much better at controlling your life than you are.
Someone who will drive your life according to the best of your interests. Someone who will mould you and shape you into the best version of yourself. Someone you can reach out to  anytime.   Someone who’ll never lush out at you. Someone who will guide you even when it seems impossible. He will give you everything you ask for because of the amount of love He has for you. He is ready to start this journey with you. Whenever your ready He’ll be there for you. He’s knocking on your door. He’s just waiting for you to accept Him so that He may remove you from the situation you are living. He wants you to turn to Him. He wants to listen to you. He wants to send you help. He’s ready for you. He wants you to experience the love,Joy and peace that  you deserve. He doesn’t want you to suffer. He knows He made you and destined you for greatness .
        That Great person is GOD.

You don’t have to go through life alone. Wondering what your purpose is. God created you with a purpose but you tried to make it through life by yourself and thats why you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom. But when you live your life seeking help and guidance from the only one Who knows what life is all about you’ll  live the best life you can ever ask for. You’ll go through life as a testimony of the love that the Lord has showered on you. .

Thank God for the Life He has given you and start that by Accepting Him and asking Him to rule your life by His will and from then on sit down and wait to  enjoy the great roller coaster of life.